How do I Prepare for an Interview?

It is important to be ready to answer any question that comes your way. Employers want to know who you are and how you will react to specific situations and the skills you will use. You will be asked questions about your past experiences, and based on your answer, they will determine what your future at their company will look like. When asked these questions, break down the question and highlight important aspects, and the actions you took to solve the task(s). You will also be asked theoretical questions, so the employer can see how you will solve the problem. Make sure to take them step by step through your mind map and how you will overcome the obstacle. Additionally, they will likely ask you questions about your hard and soft skills to learn about your capabilities. Answer these questions by talking about how you have used these skills in past experiences, and provide detailed examples, and what you learned from them. To make sure you are prepared;

Practice some potential questions which you can find online
Memorize important experiences and skills that they would find interesting and relate to the job
Arrive early to avoid stress and make a good impression
Look professional, dress well, and have good posture
Have a positive attitude and body language as soon as you enter the building, and greet everyone kindly
Show that you are prepared by bringing an extra resume, reference list, recommendations, and a paper and pen to write down any important information
Prepare a set of questions about the workplace to show you are interested and would like to be more informed
During the interview, try to stand out, but be honest and show off your personality

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