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Positive Challenge is a personal-development community based in Toronto Canada for people who are committed to personal growth, skill development, and life mastery. Positive Challenge helps its members reach a deeper level of fulfillment and satisfaction in life by developing self-awareness, letting go of what is holding them back and overcoming their fears and limiting beliefs. So that they can create the extraordinary life for themselves. Some programs and events topic include:

  1. Careers
    1. How to find and pursue a meaningful and fulfilling career
    2. How to stay motivated, set goals, and develop a life vision
  2. Relationships
    1. How to build deep connections and maintain healthy relationships
    2. How to find the right partner
  3. Character Growth
    1. How to increase self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love
    2. How to be more charismatic
    3. Resiliency when faced with difficult situations in life
    4. How to be a better leader in the community and in life

To learn more about Mr. Arvin Ardakani and Ms. Shirin Ghouchani Nejad (the life coaches at Positive Challenge(, please click on the link below: You can contact the Positive Challenge Team by email:


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