Talk to 'Trade Win Support' Program Manager
If you are an internationally trained trade professional and need to obtain your license, Trades Win Support Program is here to support you. This program is funded by the government of Ontario and helps all the tradepersons who have come to Ontario from different countries and various trades backgrounds.
Trades in Ontario are divided into four categories:
If you have worked in any of the four trade categories and have enough job experience from abroad, you do not need to start from the scratch. You could refer to the Trades Win Support Program and one of the trained team members could evaluate your case and guide you accordingly. Upon obtaining your trade license, you can resume the same job you had in your home country.
If you are a Canadian citizen, Permanent resident, Convention refugee or refugee claimant, you are eligible to apply to this program. 
Trades Win Support Program also offers a bridging program in partnership with Humber college for the following trades:
  • Electricians (construction maintenance and industrial)
  • Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics (HRAC)
  • Industrial Millwrights (Industrial Mechanics)
  • Plumbers
  • Welding
For further information about this program, you can contact the TWSP's supervisor:
Maryam Haraji Esfahani -Trades Win Support Program

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