Ashkan Anvari-

Dr. Ashkan Anvari, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) helps entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their business, get more customers and make their current customers more loyal.

  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  • E-Business Startup Instructor
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Google SEO Master

With more than 20 successful startup projects
Founder of: 


Ashkan Anvari, after 14 years of professional activity in Iran, was introduced as a IT top entrepreneur in 2010 and collaborated with more than 150 well-known Iranian brands, and annually collaborated with hundreds of small and large brands as a business consultant and SEO expert. After taking courses in Europe (France, Italy and Greece) and working with international brands, he finally immigrated to Canada and Toronto.

After years of experience in Canada, in addition to launching various successful startups, he helped more than a hundred Canadian brands to grow and develop their business and increase their revenue and that of their customers by holding courses in this direction. Various online in the field of business training and start-up helped others and by talking to successful people the path to success and progress in a practical way and not a slogan and motivation to those interested in success topics and people who want to progress in their business Are shows and accompanies them.

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