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For the first time in Canada, on March 2019, Canadian Student Relief Charity was founded to support students and student associations. We are proudly working hard every day to support all students and student clubs national wide from all different ethnicities, cultures, sexes, and beliefs. Student poverty is certainly a hidden disease in Canada – that no one talks about. Our mission is to relieve the burden and hardship of students and student associations that are in need. We aim to support students with educational workshops, creating food/aid packages, focusing on mental health, and provide financial supports. In addition, Canadian Student Relief charity funds the work of student clubs and associations, which ranges from educational endeavors, sports events, religious gatherings, cultural shows, business opportunities, science explorations, and technology fairs. Our family is constantly growing, all thanks to the helping hands of this amazing community. We hope for the day where no student puts education to the side due to any difficulties. Last but not least, we offer opportunities for students to build their resumes, gain work experience and receive reference letters. For volunteering and internship opportunities, please visit our website at

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