I have had several different hats during my carrer, and in all of them, I tried my best to meet and exceed the job expectations. I did not work for the money, but I worked for the results. I can share several different stories but one which will help the job seekers is this one:
2006, I had a co-worker who was in the same position for 17 years. I did not want to end up stock in such position for such long time. Therefore, I made a decision to study his work and find out about my next move. So I made a decision to “not be Mr.X”.
Mr. X did not upgrade his education, so I did get relevant certificates
Mr. X did not get involved in any other departments inside the company, I diversified myslef and got involve in some projects
Mr. X was not a fan of technology, so I got involve into the company website content and design.
Mr. X was a fan of repeating the same tasks and activities; I started to think outside of the box, brought in new initiatives, which could save some money for the company.
When the 2008 recession hit the canadain industry, Mr.X left the team, and I stayed.
I learnt that my hard-work, long term vision, and plans helped me to keep my job and contribute to the company success more than the other employees.