You might want to know my story of entrepreneurship as an immigrant to get inspired.

Arsia, my life and business partner, and I founded Smart Shot here in Canada to help business owners with A-to-Z of branding. We have never been so fulfilled with our career as much as we are now... finding out our clients are getting results.

But it wasn’t always like this. We have been in our own businesses all our career lives. So, we know what it takes to build a business from scratch! Let me tell you how we got started. 

I am a chemical engineer by education and worked as a quality control manager for 8 years. Then, I did my MBA in executive management and worked in marketing and sales for 9 years in the chemical industry. Although I learned a lot from the B2B market, it was not my dream career. 

Meanwhile, Arsia, as a talented artist, had his own advertising agency, creating brand identity and beautiful marketing visuals for different kinds of businesses for 2 decades.

I always had the passion to help entrepreneurs build businesses from scratch or take an existing one to the next level. 

When I immigrated to Canada, it was not an easy decision to start all over again in a new industry. I was eager to make changes in my life and career, so I did it. 

Since psychology was always an interesting topic to me I got certified and designated as an NLP coach and practitioner.

I also wanted to share my knowledge with others to make a positive impact in their business and life so I made the commitment to become a speaker and trainer. It required a lot of practice and self-confidence since English is my second language. I was in the middle ages when I got started. I just thought to myself: “if not now, when? Age is a number and sky is the limit”.

Arsia and I realized what helps business owners the most is the combination of branding knowledge and psychology, tools, art and professional marketing materials. So we decided to dedicate our lives and put years of experience together at Smart Shot to empower business owners with A-Z of branding… and that’s when everything falls into place.

What helped me big time to build my desired life and career? I believe it was EMBRACING CHANGE.

Was it easy to start a business as an immigrant? I don’t think so. But it was worth it since I am working in my dream career now, I'm happy and self-fulfilled.